Intralot Signs with New Mexico Lottery for Sports Betting

The industry continues to develop with operators venturing into new segments. Just recently, Intralot, a company specializing in lottery and gaming solutions, announced that it will be bringing sports betting solutions to New Mexico.

Intralot Signs Up with New Mexico Lottery for Sports

Provider of gaming solutions Intralot has decided to expand its reach by adding sports betting solutions. The company is heading into New Mexico where it has signed up with the Lottery to launch the first gaming activity combining both sports betting and lottery elements.
The new game will become available across the entire network in New Mexico, which is estimated 1,100 throughout the state.
Under the new lottery-and-sports-betting solution, players will be allowed to place wagers known as “parlays.” Even if the choice appears limited as to the nature of the bet, future gamers will have an ample choice of events to pick for themselves. Meanwhile, Intralot CEO Antonios Kerastaris has welcomed the news, commenting on what the future holds moving forward.

I look forward to the new era bringing in all our lottery modernisation expertise while extending my sincere thanks to the New Mexico Lottery for their trust and continued partnership” – Intralot CEO Antonios Kerastaris

Intralot will be at the helm of deploying all the necessary software and ensuring that the computerized solutions work according to the desired standards. In practice, the company will maintain every available terminal across the state insofar as it has to do with sports betting. At the same time, Intralot’s stock has been doing quite well.
All parties invested in the activity have expressed their satisfaction with the most recent developments. According to New Mexico Lottery CEO David Barden, the experience that the companies will provide can be described as “new and exciting”.

“We are always looking for games that strengthen our lottery brand by attracting Millennials and other new players. Lottery games of this type are fun to play and will move us in that direction.” – New Mexico Lottery CEO David Barden

Mr. Barden also noted that part of the proceedings will be transferred to a scholarship fund to assist students. He also hoped that by introducing new gaming and betting solutions, Millennials may show greater interest in the segment.
Even though this is good news for the state, sports betting is still a debated issue. Similarly, though, a tribal casino has successfully pushed through with a bill allowing it to run sports betting on the territory of the state.
At the same time, there are other tribal gaming companies in New Mexico, none of them have attempted to broach the divisive topic of sports topic. However, the Santa Ana Star Casino has been moving ahead with the times, citing the repeal of PASPA as a motivator to carry on with their decision.

Developing a Holistic, Cross-Channel Experience

Speaking of the technical specifications of the deal, Intralot will be providing a holistic and cross-channel Sports Lottery Gaming Platform, which will modernize the experience for the young demographic the partnership is trying to partner.
Intralot will use its Managed Services Suite to provide the lottery with the necessary technical expertise to run the terminals smoothly. Mr. Barden noted that by signing the partnership, the companies have “reinforced their partnership with the systems vendor”.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kerastaris shared his own enthusiasm about the deal, noting that the companies were “breaking ground” with what appeared to be a new innovative sports lottery contract.