UK Sports Betting Sites

If there is one sport that will bring whole nations together, that is European football, or just football. As the game becomes more exciting, spectators often look for other outlets for their passion, and often turn to the top football betting sites in the UK. Staking money and adding a layer of excitement is another way to keep viewers entertained. From the most common betting strategies to the most prescient insights, football betting is a challenging undertaking.

The best football betting sites in the UK will provide you with numerous options to turn a modest wager into a hefty sum. Even the least experienced gamers will have a chance to place a successful bet as long as they follow some of the basic rules of gambling. We look at what proper bankroll management looks like and supplement that with practical tips that will make you a champion at football betting.



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How to Choose Your Favourite Football Betting Sites?

How to pick a trusted bookie is a question worth your attention. Some punters focus on specifics such as the number of markets a bookmaker covers. You may rest assured that with the best football betting sites in the UK, you will be able to plonk down your money on both major events as well as minor league games. Variety is key, and bookmakers have been working painstakingly to bring you the most complete offer possible.

The ability to choose a number of minor markets means that not only the margin for profit is greater, but that the bookmaker is contributing towards uprooting match-fixing practices in those minor markets, that some bookies tend to shun. In other words, you will quite often get licensed bookies who will actively seek to spot match fixing and report to the authorities.

The top football betting sites in the UK make a point of keeping the market open and accessible. The entry-fee to start gambling is usually low, at around £25 and the welcome bonuses that most companies offer are enough to draw new players into play. Referral programmes and bring-a-friend initiatives are another common stratagem the best football operators utilise to bring fresh people onboard. Running the seasonal extras and offering a huge pot of winnings on occasion is another major ploy casinos use to whip up interest while offering punters a fair chance to multiply their bets.

However, what really seals the deal for the best football betting sites in the UK has to do with their reputation. How customers perceive a particular brand and what experience they have had. Most of the best bookmakers online will have a mixed feedback. Some have been known to flaunt rules before, but they have come clean afterwards.

A clever punter will know that even the most outstanding football betting sites may have had past brushes with irate clients, and while it is worth examining all points of view, your bookmaker has not become one of the most recognisable names in football betting by treating customers and fans dishonestly. Conversely, the more buzz a bookie causes online, the better your chance of weeding out the bad apples are.

Devising a Strategy Before You Start Betting


We have briefly mentioned at the beginning of our write-up, that betting strategies actually exist and they may allow you to garner an advantage over the bookmakers. The best football betting sites in the UK will often cite the exact percentage that punters manage to withdraw in earnings. Usually, the majority of betting enthusiasts lose by a slight margin to the house.

Nevertheless, there are ways to narrow down the bookmaker’s advantage, and football comes as a favourite medium for expert punters to best the bookies.

Comparing Odds

In an anecdotal experiment, a Maths professor calculated that spreading his bets over multiple bookmakers effectively reduced every operator’s advantage over him. In other words, maximising one’s profits may be a matter of cherry picking the odds for a particular bet that will guarantee the best return on your investment (ROI).
However, keeping a track of multiple bookie simultaneously can be a daunting task, but as long as you stick to standard betting, you will be fine and able to monitor your active wagers.

The Bet at a Fraction Rule

Not all football betting sites in the UK would recommend it, but some of the flagship leaders run their own tutorial series and advise customers to bet at a fraction of their bankroll. In simple terms, it is advisable to risk around 2% of your total bankroll on a single bet.

A staple rule, ‘fraction betting’ has prevented many punters from driving into financial ruin. The drawback is that certain bets would require an amount that is not equal to 2% of your total war chest.

Study Past Games to Come Up With Reliable Projections

Another important aspect of casting a successful bet is to know how separate teams fare up against one another. In most cases, major events have a complete record of how games between two teams have penned out in the past. Smaller markets pose a bigger challenge, but assuming all is honestly, a punter who has been following a particular event or league is well-poised to best the bookmaker.

The Last-Minute Hiccup

Unlikely as it may seem, following teams on social media and generally showing interest in what happens during their training session could be useful information. A last-minute injury, while unpleasant for the footballer and not a reason to be gleeful in the slightest, may still tilt the advantage in favour of the less favoured team.

Best Football Betting Sites in the UK and Cashier

Without a doubt, the number of deposit and withdrawal options should be quite substantial to merit your consideration. The finest football betting sites have distinct cashier options, which allows punters to manager their money quickly and without a hassle. Most commonly, customers end up having to choose between a debit/credit card and an electronic wallet. Both solutions have been quite popular in the United Kingdom. Mobile payment and paysafecard have shaped up as viable substitutes as well.

Apart from that, it is worth noting that when you apply for a bonus, you may be required to withdraw your money later the same way you have deposited it, i.e. using the same method, whether it is a credit card, an e-wallet, or any alternative in-between. Some people prefer to keep things as hush-hush as possible and often opt for secure payment methods such as phones (in the case of ApplePay) and the aforementioned paysafecard.

If you are wondering if your bookmaker is one of the top football sites in the UK, it may be worth checking if any additional fees are applicable to your withdrawals. The leading bookmakers will make a point of taking care of your proceedings by applying no extra costs to the transaction. Conversely, it is not necessary a bad sign if a bookmaker will let you foot the bill yourself, but it is extremely unlikely to ask you for it.

Reliable and worth one’s while, the best football betting sites in the UK are established and proud market leaders. The country has a deep-rooted sport betting tradition and a professed love for football. It is only natural that the two dovetail so nicely. The United Kingdom has been a home of the world’s first betting exchange and pioneered online sports betting. A country where possibilities abound, our guides will provide you with the necessary knowledge to start besting the bookies.