• Payout Speed: 2 Business Days
  • Payout Rate: 96%
  • Security: Strong
  • Bitcoin Deposit: No Bitcoin Deposits
  • Games: Slots Blackjack Roulette Live Dealer Video Poker Baccarat
  • Devices: Android iOS Windows


If you are into the game for the fun of it, then stopping by Canada’s top operator may just be worth your while. Party Poker is an established brand with offshoots all across the world and in today’s review, we focus on Canada. With one of the most dedicated services, Party Poker Canada speaks your language as the company has been translated into several languages, including French, which complements the country’s French-speaking Quebec well.

Why do we think it works:

· The website has been particularly welcoming to recreational players and novices, similar to other established Canadian operators

· The Poker Room software and online flash version work flawlessly

· It is one of the companies that has tailored its offer to be fully compatible with Mac, Windows, and Mobile

What could be improved:

· The decision to leave the US has taken a serious toll on its player base
· Texas Hold’em and Omaha seem to be the predominant poker options


The Canadian behemoth Party Poker has been around since 2001. The operator quickly began adding members from across the border where gambling had been suffering heavy blows. Following the adoption of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), however, US gamers have been allowed to only play recreational, without staking any ‘real money.’

To say that this has abetted the enthusiasm of local gamers would be an overstatement, however. Party Poker Canada continues to be a place where dab poker hands work their way through events of all stripes, tournaments and weekly specials.Safe & Legal, Party Poker Canada Is the Right Place for You

The website is one of the most prominent bastions of a skilled poker player. If you wonder whether Party Poker is legit, you would be happy to know that the company has been licensed in two jurisdictions, to name Gibraltar and the United Kingdom, under the auspices of the UK Gambling Commission.

Reports of the website’s credibility have been quite positive. No player has been quick to condemn the operator. The handful of complaints that we have found and examined closer have revealed that the gamer at hand had not been familiar with the wagering requirements as part of a bonus before signing up for a special offer.

We can, therefore, dismiss the idea that operator has intentionally tried to swindle its customer base out of hard currency. Now that we have established the credibility of the operator, let us examine some of the other noteworthy features.


It is hardly an overstatement. Party Poker Canada indeed comes with a mobile-friendly website, which is a strong pitch in the growing segment of mobile-first gamers. And while the mobile website functions without a glitch on every device with an internet connection, it never hurts to throw some additional efforts into play.

The mobile app is one of the operator’s main selling points. It has been equally adapted for both Android and iOS, which has been challenging for some competitors. However, the future of poker – played online or with the aid of an offline software all boils down on being able to bring it to one’s pocket device, and this is precisely what Party Poker Canada has done.

Furthermore, the app packs a heavy punch and runs smoothly on all your devices while providing you with everything you can find on the website itself. You can keep a close watch on your account’s bankroll just as easily.

Another strong point of Canada’s best operator is the promotions. We review these in the next section.


If you are looking for a venue that runs a full list of promising poker-related bargains, Party Poker strikes home. Starting with the no deposit bonus where you receive $5 as a token of gratitude for having registered your account, the operator does value the time and effort that you invest in it. More promos exist, though.

In a dedicated promotion tab, novices and pros alike will find quite the handful of bonus offers. If you are looking for a moderate financial incentive to set you on your poker bonanza course, you will be glad to know that a deposit bonus will up your first commitment of money up to $500, providing you with quite the respectable sum to pursue your exploits.

Mind, that every promotion, apart from the no-deposit acts of gratitude, comes with wagering requirements. In fact, even most of the no-deposit bonuses will have some sort of proviso tailored to them. It is just how it works. Oftentimes, you may be disciplined to spend a few moments and read the prerequisites a promotion has, but this may very well cost you the bonus sum and setback your gambling efforts by a slight margin.

Party Poker Canada takes things further by providing new players with an excellent and dedicated window tab where they can find a trio of treats, allowing them to start off with a considerable war chest.

In exchange for a WELCOME BONUS promotional code, and a few small deposits, the welcome package at the operator entails:

· $5 credited to you after you have verified your account (the no-deposit end of the deal)
· A free ticket to the Cash Booster event that can fetch you up to $2,000 is another part of the welcome offer, as well as a stand-alone bonus
· The deposit bonus that ups your starter’s money up to $500 is the third pillar of the welcome offer

Beyond that, the website prides itself on elaborating offers that will appeal to the sort of players who have progressed beyond the initial stages and would now want to participate in the fray. Party Poker Canada hosts a series of tournaments and events with respectable prize pools. Texas Hold’em event has a pot of $100,000, which is enough to incentivize players into play on the spot.Refer a Friend

Admittedly, we have reviewed websites that offer slightly better Refer a Friend programme. However, Party Poker simplifies things. All you need to do is find a friend that is willing to sign up, deposit a minimum amount of cash and start playing, at which point your account is credited $10. In addition, you will get a ticket for the $2,000 cash booster tournament. Besides, gaming is always more fun with a friend by your side.


We have already covered tournaments. With its interesting thicket of promotions and ongoing tournaments, Party Poker Canada also have quite a bit to offer when it comes to a proper selection of games. For the most part, the operators focus on Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud, with some modifications from one version to the next regarding the limits you can wager.

It is quite common to have most tournaments and special events built around the Texas Hold’em version. One brilliant thing that sends the website up in our personal list is that the operator is supported by major tracking sites, which offer additional insight into key statistics.

Finding out simple fact as to how many times a player wins under what conditions could be useful information for building a long-term strategy that will actually enable you to pursue more considerate sums further down the road.Safety & Security

One thing that makes a remarkable impression is that the localized versions of Party Poker, in general, collaborate with local gambling help centres, apart from seeking regulation and validation from the established watchdogs in the business.

This commitment to maintaining a risk-free environment for its players is what makes, Party Poker Canada one of our favourite operators to explore, play at, and review. The safety is further extended by the proper encryption of users data, which means that the data you share to verify your account will be safeguarded and protected from potential theft.

The SSL encryption protocol and the secure connection exemplified by the green padlock icon next to the address are an equal proof of the website’s validity. In a word, here is an operator that values your privacy and is determined to provide a risk-free and well-balanced environment for all gamers.


Reviewing and understanding one of Canada’s major operators has been a pleasure by all estimates. In true Canadian fashion, Party Poker Canada incorporates elements from the mainstream poker website, which is what everyone is after while adding its own signature style to make the offer even more riveting.

Party Poker will take care of your gambling appetites whether you are a novice or a well-seasoned pro. It makes little difference to a website with decades in business, and you may expect a top treatment suited to your specific needs.