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Real Money Gambling News brings you the latest missives from the iGaming industry. We’re here to provide you with authentic and well-researched coverage of current events. Our experts examine multiple facets of the iGaming world, including business, legislation, and gaming.

We look into the latest mergers and acquistions, partnerships, expansions, and fluctuations in the state of the legal framework to bring you a well-balanced opinion that will help you understand the industry better.

Whether you are reading as a person who is simply interested in iGaming, an expert or a lawmaker, our coverage is founded on hard facts, allowing you to read through a reliable round-up of recent events.

We can be your go-to iGaming news source while still helping you to read much of the legal documents and official statements from their sources. We strive to maintain our profile as credible journalists who bring value to readers and help our business audience make better decisions when pursuing personal ventures.

Real Money Gambling News remains at the forefront of events by establishing meaningful relationships with companies, agencies, and lawmakers. We endeavor to get our information from first-hand sources and respect the anonymity of our collaborators.

Our ultimate goal is to be your reliable daily dose of important iGaming updates that will help you shape the future of your company or understand iGaming better.

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Meet The Team

Ameana Jones Ameana’s deepest conviction is that all reporting should be done up to the best standards in the industry. Accurate and factual language is what she strives towards. Despite her flair for facts, there’s nothing dry about her writing. She manages to create very pleasant pieces of texts that successfully pack all the relevant information that readers should be informed about. Ameana is a much-appreciated addition to our team and apart from mastering the craft of writing, she’s something of a brilliant cook.

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Nate Wheeler Nate loves covering the industry. His insight is invaluable and he is our boots on the ground during any major event happening in London, including ICE. His easy-going and yet professional approach has helped us establish a healthy relationship with industry personalities, helping the team deliver the most accurate reporting to our readers. Nate is a huge Chelsea’s fan and he loves exploring topics well beyond iGaming, with a particular focus on sports. Having Nate onboard speaks to the quality of our journalism.

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Jana Newland Jana has always wanted to be a journalist. She started as a child by writing lyrics for songs, but her desire to explore more serious texts has led her to us. As part of our team, Jana covers complex topics, helping us break them down in an easy-to-read form for our loyal audience. She still enjoys short-form writing, though, and she’s an avid music fan when she’s not producing quality reports to help us push our content strategy further and break the news in a timely and accurate matter.

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Michael Naydenov Michael lives apart from the rest of the team with his current dwellings in Berlin, Germany. Serious and professional about his writing, Michael has been soaking up much of the German’s rigor and pouring it back into his work. As someone who loves to play various games himself, he has unique insight in not only the legal and business side of gaming, but also how gamers feel when they actually get to play. This is why we find Michael’s language far more relatable. Having Michael here definitely adds character to our editorial strategy.

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Leanne Simmons Leanne is a really upbeat Londoner. She knows how to enjoy herself a fair bit, and writing is just one of her many passions. A painter and a skater in her free time, and a dedicated journalist when committed to us, Leanne has an amazing personality. The lightness of her character shows in her writing in a way that makes her texts an interesting read without wearing down readers. We value Leanne for the authentic voice she brings to our editorial team.

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Sienna Walker Sienna is an avid traveler who has been on the go since she graduated. An impressionable mind, Sienna has always had a need to put what she saw down in writing. Gradually, her passion for writing has grown into a full-time career and today she helps our team by contributing inspired feature pieces and news that offer a fresh prospect on known issues. Her analyses are a much necessary prerequisite for our service to be up to the required standard and Sienna is an inseparable part of our team.

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