UFC Betting

UFC Betting – A Guide to the Matches

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is indeed all about having a good show. The hulking bodies crashing on the arena usually have the crowds in ecstasy. But behind this primal spectacle there is a lot of hard work that goes into preparing for a fight, and the athletes who walk out to fight know that better than anyone.

We UFC fans, often go ow! when their favorite takes a heavy punch or a swift kick. And that has more to do with the fact that we have money on the line. Yes, UFC is growing more popular and unlike other sports, it abides by its own distinct rules. We have studied the Championship for a while now. The upshot? We have come with a complete and go-to guide for all matters betting!

In the following lines you will find all there is to know about UFC betting. From the type of odds to how this type of wagering differs from what you are most likely used to. We take a look at the pre-match analysis and spot players who are out of shape. Our insight allows us to be on top of the odds. Want to learn how to win a few fights on your own? Keep reading!

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How to Bet on the UFC

UFC is slightly different when it comes to the betting segment. Perhaps, no greater value has been put by pre-match analysis for any sport out there before. But pre-match analyses are particularly important in UFC. They come along with a lot of showmanship and a lot of smack talk. In other words, you won’t find many players who are not quick to retaliate with verbal salvos. But it’s not just the exchange of robust language that matters.

Public appearances reveal more about the athletes. More so than even, odds and bettors are influenced by rumors and clandestine reports about athletes’ health. Many of the fighters prefer to fight even if they are suffering from an injury that they would rather not reveal. So, in a word – UFC betting has its challenges.

Understanding this world is a matter of following athletes, their public appearances and how they tend to handle their personal lives. Pre-match analysis are not just a simple matter of extrapolating an athlete’s performance. They also look into the routine of such athletes. In other words, the more boisterous a fighter, the less likely is he to win against an opponent who has been preparing carefully.

As everyday as this may seem, proper diet and sound sleep are incremental to athletic performance and many athletes tend to underestimate their benefits, because they can make off the difference by exceeding in the ring alone. Still, sooner or later, bad habits catch up to athletes.

Approaching the matter from the more technical side of matters, there are databases out there that are available for free and they will feed you important overall information, such as the athlete’s age, height, weight, and additionally run down striking, submissions, and takedowns.

Examining past matches and clashes is also important, of course. Many analyses cast a tentative look back, trying to pinpoint what has made an athlete falter in one fight, but exceed at another. While you won’t find the same people fighting over and over again throughout the same season, you can still benefit from looking how they performed when they actually met.

Bet365 UFC Sportsbooks Screenshot

The overall physical condition is also important. Has the athlete you back suffered any major injuries that would theoretically impede their game? All of this is important to consider and no matter how much you like an individual fighter, you may end up being forced to wager on their opponent.

Reading NFL Odds and Lines

We now come to the purely technical part of our guide. And you know what? It’s quite simple to get this under your belt! By the end of this section, you will be able to go out on your own and place your first wager knowing full well what you are doing. So, let’s focus on the type of betting metrics available.

First come the odds, and there are three different types to consider! American, also known as Vegas, Decimals, and Fractional. Americans are usually expressed as whole numbers with either a (+) or (-) value before the number.

Decimals are the easiest to understand worldwide, and finally Fractionals are the preserve of the United Kingdom. Let’s have a closer look together.

MMA American – What Does it Mean?
Justin Gaethje +160
James Vick -110

Reading American odds is quite simple in fact. The minus stands for the favorite whereas the plus indicates the underdog. Put simply, Vick has a greater chance to win in his match up against Gaethje. How does this translate in terms of money?

Basically, -110 means that you need to wager $110 on the favorite in order to win $100. It may look a bit pricey, but the chance of Vick winning are much better, hence the odds. The opposite is also true. This time, though, you will only wager $100 for a chance to win $160 on the underdog, Gaethje.

And believe it or not, this concludes the full explanation of MMA American odds. Rather easy, right?

Decimals and Fractional – Reading the Unknown
Decimals and Fractionals are easy to read, too, although if pushed -w e will favor Decimals over the alternative of course. Still, here’s a breakdown of decimals:
Justin Gaethje 2.5
James Vick 1.5

The odds here again indicate that James Vick is the favorite. How? Because he has the smaller number. For every $1 you stake, you will get a $1.5 return on your bet, i.e. $2.5 in total. However, if you choose to bet on Justin Gaethje, your money will be worth twice as much, or thereabouts. However, you cannot guarantee that Gaethje will win or at least his chances are slimmer.

A Quick Note on Fractional

So, decimals are even simpler to get down without too much hassle. Fractionals are quite simple, too in fact! You get to put down a certain amount to win a wager. For instance, 10/15 means that you are wagering $150 to win $100. I.e. the number on the right is how much you have to stake and the number on the left is how much you stand to win.

Different Types of Wagers

If you have flicked through our guides around the place, you will know that we have covered most of the bets out there. We will provide you with a quick and detailed breakdown of the available wagers that you can make. Without further ado, let’s focus on the trending picks.

It’s a type of bet that simply indicates which player you think is more likely to win. You stake your money on the potential winner and that’s the long and short of it. It’s one of the basic and simplest ways to wager on UFC and it’s a preferred way among many gamers. Also, drawing parallels with other sports, match winners are the most lucrative type of wagers there are.
Usually the chances of one party winnings are around 60% with the remaining opponent hovering around 40%. The margin is still enough to allow some decent plays. For the most part, wagering on the leaders this way will allow you to notch up the juiciest returns on your investment.

Way of Victory
Another popular wager is the way a particular fighter win. Is he going to knockout his foe or is the losing fighter going to ask for submission. The good thing here is that you don’t bet on individuals, but the likely outcome of the entire match. However, if you have athletes who are both known to knock out their opponents, you will see that the odds will be rather more difficult to pinpoint.

Still, a bet on the underdog may earn you big. Apart from knockout and submission, a judge may step in and cancel the match if he decides that an athlete has been incapacitated or is gravely injured.

Round Betting
Round betting is quite easy to get, as the name may suggest. But still, there are a few exciting additions that you may want to add to your gaming. For instance, you can bet on a round and the winner of the match. Needless to say, the risk here is far greater than with match bet, but the payout is also more considerable.

You can make the round bet even more exciting by adding not only the winner of the match but also the way the whole event is going to end. This means that you will be risking a lot, as only one condition could topple the whole wager. However, the payout would be immense.

Lingering Wagers

Over/Under betting is quite common. What you need to do is decide how many rounds it would take fighters to conclude the match. The basic formula here is to estimate their play. If both players are aggressive players, under is the most common type indeed. Over would be more suitable for defensive style of play.

When there is a mixture of playstyles, you will have a more difficult time calling the odds, but still past statistics can be useful.

Finding the Best UFC Betting Sites

Determining the outcome of games is one thing – finding a betting agency to place your bets is a whole different story. It’s true that not all bookies out there will necessarily cover your favorite sport, although you can rest assured that the ones that matter and the ones we review are well-established names in the market.

Our choices are based on the bookies’ own reputation, but also how well they perform throughout our own tests which are based on predetermined criteria. What we look for is what our readers would be interested in. The key question is – how much can you trust certain bookies?

We provide an honest assessment of the business a betting agency is running. This means that should we find any past faults that have been settled at the expense of customers, this will be reflected in our review.

Looking for a betting company yourself, you ought to make sure that the one you end up picking is prepared to cater to your specific needs in a manner that is mutually beneficial. It’s always worth to stop by the banking facilities and make sure that you can use certain payment methods that you hold to be most comfortable to you.

Some gamers make a point of covering the licenses, although we have come to learn that licenses in their own right are not sufficient. That’s why we focus on examining the entire offer of the bookie rather than a single aspect. If everything else checks out, we know for a fact that the license is well-deserved. You can carry out similar checks.

We encourage you to even reach out to customer support if you find an aspect of the website’s operation to be ambiguous and then have it in written form. Caution is advised even with the best bookies. Want to narrow down your search a little? Pick our table of recommended websites. And if you want to be extra diligent, do see if they check out based on what you read in our dedicated reviews!

UFC Betting – The Thrill of the Game

UFC is a spectacle that you will appreciate if you love the fast-paced and somewhat heavier sport. Still, adding to the excitement of how you watch the game, turning to a reliable bookie for UFC betting could only add to the fun you get out of watching your game. And as you become more sophisticated bettor yourself, it’s likely that your odd wagers will start to pay off handsomely.