• Payout Speed: 24-48 Hours
  • Payout Rate: 97.20%
  • Security: Strong
  • Bitcoin Deposit: No Bitcoin Accepted
  • Games: Slots Blackjack Roulette Live Dealer Video Poker Baccarat
  • Devices: Android iOS Windows


With a fetching name that deserves proper attention, Hippodrome Casino is an arena of gaming, chance wagers and much excitement. In our review, we will focus on the stellar offer that the operator has brought around through continuous commitment towards excellence. Elegant design and simplicity of the gaming offer make the online portal one of the best casinos out there. We take a look at what makes this operator so remarkable in our review.


You needn’t necessarily profess your love for chance-taking or the riches that you may accumulate through this kind of gaming. Instead, you can focus on the impeccable gaming experience that is brought to you by this operator. Just make sure you pick a game that you fancy and plunge right into the thick of it. You can always select the ‘play for fun’ option that will allow you to garner some experience and then consider your options.

The operator sports an assortment of titles which are as numerous as they are amusing. You can find over 400 5-reel virtual slot games available on the online portal. Live Dealer games featuring elegantly clad hosts and hostesses are another favourite with visitors. If you want to, you can just join and sit, spectating other gamers playing in the company of a charming croupier.

No casino experience would be complete, of course, unless it features 3-reel gaming options and the all-time favourite Blackjack. Blackjack is almost indispensably everyone’s first choice when it comes to table games. It offers enough leeway to come up with tactical play and deploy stratagems so that you may score bigger profits.

For those who like to theorise and read cards well, Video Poker is also a possibility. Baccarat is one of those sophisticated games that has been around since the time of the French nobility and is featured in every casino that is worth your time.

And if you are one of those chance takers who prefer to leave the outcome to fate, then the selection of Progressive Jackpot titles at Hippodrome Online Casino is specifically what you need. You can join the big pot and hope to claim substantial sum by plonking down a quick sum. The funds you need to commit are marginal and the returns are considerable.

If you find yourself in a winning streak, you might want to consider actually making a habit of depositing at the progressive jackpot options, albeit they could just as easily turn into a drain on your purse. Your own judgement will be your best guidance.


A major worry of every gamer is whether the operator that takes care of the fun activities does not pry in the gamer’s personal life too much. Well, in simple terms – they don’t, because they are bound by regulations and laws. Hippodrome Casino has been around for a while and it sports certification by the Malta Gaming Authorities, which allows it to be a legitimate player on the landscape of gambling.

In addition, the two regulatory watchdogs, the UK Gambling Commission and eCORGA, a testing authority have also endorsed this venue, which can only be understood as a feather in its cap. Is Hippodrome Casino legitimate? Absolutely. We can confirm that by pointing to a simple fact. The operator owns physical venues. Its business is not conducted solely online.

Moreover, the online entertainment arm is just an extension of the vetted practices that the casino has been operating for a hearty while now. Knowing that you can physically pinpoint the casino is also a relief and it lends its offers a wee bit more credence, which is crucial when trying to build a reputation in this industry.

The casino also supports another noteworthy initiative, namely the BeGambleAware campaign, which quite plainly elaborates on the risky sides of this sort of activities. Keeping an open debate about the potential dangers is important. It demonstrates the casino’s commitment to safe gambling and only adds to its credit.

On a related note, there are two more praise-worthy points in the offer of the website that we will have to highlight, even if in passing. Plunge to the bottom of the home page and you will find separate sections for ‘Responsible Gaming’ and ‘Theoretical Payout Percentage.’

Remember how we said that Hippodrome Online Casino is a credible venue? We stand by this claim with renewed vigour. The Responsible Gaming page covers the basic and lasting tenets of any proper gaming experience. They are all there:

· Keep it Fun
· Don’t Spend Too Much
· Keep Track of the Time

Naturally, there is more to add, but this covers the bare-bones well. In addition, the site publishes the Theoretical Payout Percentages, i.e. how much you stand to win, in terms of percent, out of all time you play through at specific games.


It is likely that you have familiarised yourself with what potential payout rate (PPR) is, as we conduct many reviews that touch on the metric. Now, the payout rate itself is a percentage, varying between 95% and 98%, ideally. Sometimes it may drop below that, meaning that a game is particularly susceptible to devising successful strategies for it. If you spot that a game at Hippodrome Casino has a PPR below 95%, it may be worth your while to look into popular strategies.

If you consider the normal and casual player, then casinos tailor their offers to pay out as much as 98% of the total money you invest. Of course, scoring a jackpot will give you a significant advantage over the initial amount you had expected to win, tilting the scales grossly in your favour.

You may ask yourself, and rightfully so, why would you play if only 98% of your investment would be returned? Here are a few scenarios that elaborate on that alleged paradox:

· People who game this way like testing their luck, and love the thrills that it entails, as well as the promise of a dear profit
· The more familiar you become with specific games, the more adept you will be, and naturally you will end up with better profit margins
· If you opt for a table game, you will be offered a chance to greatly boost your payout percentage

Is there any particular annoyance with that? In most cases – no. However, if you stick to basic tactics, the casino may intervene and ask you to introduce changes to your gaming routine. Gaming systems are generally looked down at in most cases by the operators. As such, you will have to come up with ever more creative ways to defeat the operator, but that is just as attainable when you become a pro.


Do not chalk the few promotions that don the website’s main page up to scarcity. While the bonuses are only a handful, they are quite innovative. The ‘freedom bonus’ does away with the somewhat pesky wagering requirements and simplifies the process. Now you commit a certain sum at Hippodrome Online Casino and receive an amount that will come as a pleasant monetary stimulant throughout all your gambling.

The operator differentiates between Cash Balance (money that you deposit yourself) and Bonus Balance (money that remains on your account).

If you commit £10 Cash Balance you are entitled to £10 Bonus Balance. Upon successfully winning, for the sake of example, £50 (where 50% of the money came out of your Bonus Balance and 50% came out of your Cash Balance) 50% of this amount will need to go to your Bonus Balance and used in further wagers down the road. The other 50% becomes part of your Cash Balance (the funds you can withdraw). It is a good way to cushion any unpleasant impact of ill-considerate gambling.

You may wonder if the same rule applies to progressive games and jackpots. It does not, making the operator’s offer quite substantial. In other words, what you win by hitting a jackpot or playing progressive games, you keep. Refreshing and innovative, doing away with the wagering provisos for a while is quite pleasant to a casual bettor and an astute pro alike. In the reviews we have conducted, we have spotted this operator to be one of the few that does something similar.

Naturally, Hippodrome Casino also likes to pertain to the tested classics, almost. The loyalty enhancer is a brilliant opportunity to reward the most committed of gamers who have spent significant time with the operator. Offering to double loyalty points for a limited amount of time, the offer is quite seductive and exclusive in its own right, easily setting this gaming den apart from competitors.


Hippodrome Casino is a brilliant outlier. It mingles elements of mainstream gaming and distils them through its own prism of excellence. Promos are unnecessary when the casino addresses the whole concept of gambling in an admittedly more engaging manner. With the variety of gaming options available, gamers can feel at home.

Including this operator in your gaming venues is a choice that would not leave you with regrets. All you need to do is pick the title you would like to play and leisurely enjoy yourself to your heart’s satisfaction. And if you ever fancy a land-based experience, make sure to drop by one of the glitzy and rich venues of Hippodrome Casino’s main brand.