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  • Payout Rate: 95%
  • Security: Strong
  • Bitcoin Deposit: No Bitcoin Deposits
  • Games: Live Dealer
  • Devices: Android iOS Windows


Think “Big” in the eSports wagering industry, and the name of Betway Esports comes to mind. A bookmaker with an age-old tradition in the mainstream, the website has successfully branched into the professional video games segment. The offer takes a classic bookmaker approach from head to toe, but it nevertheless integrates the ease of use that eSports fans expect. Delivering stellar customer experience through well-crafted odds, we have examined the entire offer of Betway Esports in our review.

First, we take a brief look at why we think this bookmaker actually works. Betway Esports offers:

· A fair number of betting options
· Tailor-made promotions exclusive to specific eSports tournaments
· Odds that fare well against the competition
· Acceptable sign-up bonus and clear-cut wagering requirements

While not mandatory, the website can also brush up on its offer a bit:

· Betway currently focuses on a handful of titles exclusively, they could expand a bit
· The website keeps things simple and again puts the limelight on major matches & markets

Overall, none of the above are drawbacks. However, committing more resources to expand their offer may bring in new customers and make it a more frequented eSports gaming hotbed. We review the site’s main features below.


Betway treats competitive video gaming with nothing short of professionalism. The offer rivets the attention of enthusiasts by pointing them to the central piece of the website where a good deal of promotions are on display. Users are quickly initiated into auspicious and quick ways of turning a steady profit by committing money on their favorite eSports title. The panel is a quick status update on what the latest promotions are as well as a reminder of what follows next.

From the getgo, the bookmaker strikes as a traditional bookmaker that incorporates elements of competitive video gaming. The overall professionalism with which Betway Esports has decided to approach the segment is commendable. It portrays commitment to long-term goals and signals potential gamers that they have found a safe place that they may include in their websites rotation.

Understandably, the operator covers the Electronic Sports League (ESL), and most notably Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), owing to its personal stake in the competition. Betway is the official sponsor of Ninjas in Pyjamas, the whimsical moniker of an established eSports powerhouse.

Significantly, the bookmaker is also among the few eSports operators to actually turn a profit, which makes it both a challenging foe from the standpoint of a gamer, but also a secure and reliable venue to satiate your wagering proclivities.

While carrying out this Betway Esports review, we found accessing some of the main features of the website quite easy. We successfully went through odds, and promotions were one stop away. A quick flick through the available menus revealed good prospects for those gamers who enjoy live action and more specifically – wagering on the outcome of fast-paced games.

In terms of competitive titles, the offer was also well-thought-out. Every eSports bookmaker tends to push away from the mainstream and bring its own titles to the front line, notwithstanding the staple titles that no one operator can do without.

Starcraft: BroodWar, Rocket League, and King of Glory immediately catch the eye as those outliers that the bookmaker is trying to push forth and right into the eSports’ hotbed. By providing odds in marginal markets, you will not only reminiscently commit money on the legendary Starcraft, but also garner a better appreciation of a bookmaker who is familiar with the background of the industry and commits in full.


What you will be genuinely interested in is how to bolster your finances and put them to good use. On occasion, a minor investment can easily lead to a significant war chest. In this review, we took a look at the types of promotions currently running.

The Sign Up Bargain

Betway Esports runs a brilliant sign-up deal. You would not need to be too concerned about starting at the bookmaker, as from the getgo you will be entitled to a free bet. Designed to plunge you right into the fray, with little to no strings attached.

To benefit from the sum, however, and actually be able to claim your winnings out of your account, you will need to fulfil the qualifying criteria, which cover everything from ‘single bets’ to ‘each-way bets’ and even ‘system bets’.

It is worth noting that the wagering requirements (in other words all the provisos you need to fulfil before you can claim any bonus sum as your own) could be prone to change. So far, however, we can tell that the greatest enemy to gamers is their somewhat whimsical reluctance to read those terms and conditions. Do give them a go, as familiarity with the subject could save you minor annoyances later down the road.

Betway’s Weekly Special

As any operator worth their salt, Betway runs weekly promotions that are specifically crafted to match the needs and expectations of your fellow gamers and yourself. They may involve an overall achievement, such as scoring a certain number of successful bets or calling the outcome of the event in major gaming titles, with League of Legends (LoL) and CS: GO coming to mind.

The ESL Pro League Circuit

Your bookmaker is an all-out supporter of the Electronic Sports League and many of its featured offers pertain directly to it. The endorsement of the bookmaker of a mainstream body with a long history in eSports is another telltale sign that the operator is nowhere near calling it quits for the day, season, or conceivable future for that matter.

Overall well-built, you may tap into great matches at great odds. The front page is emblazoned with recognizable names from the competitive scene that allows you to quickly pick your favorite and call out successfully what transpires in a game.


Mobile-first online solutions are not solely limited to marketing campaigns, for example. The whole gaming industry is going mobile with royale game titles, such as Vainglory hitting mobile phones and tablets, and Fortnite & PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds imported to Android and iOS as well.

While Betway Esports has not yet tapped into this rapidly-expanding market, the bookmaker is quite well-poised to take on the next ‘big thing’ in bookmaking. How? Simply by offering a functioning mobile incarnation of itself for both iOS and Android.

The mobile app Betway has hammered out, comes with the many features of the website, making the transition between the two versions seamless. Moreover, the bookmaker is committed to delivering an omnichannel experience, no matter what device the players choose to participate from.

On a similar note, the omnichannel experience also helps the bookmaker create tailor-made offers that appeal to you and align well with your particular gaming preferences. Betway Esports has done well in preparing a continuous gambling experience.

If you seek to bolster the overall experience you are having but would refrain from adding more software to your device, you may opt for the mobile-friendly version that works just as well on your smartphone’s browser. In addition, you can whip up a quick bookmark that will allow you to access the portal with a single tap.

A valid inquiry to answer is whether your wallet is linked across the different iterations of the website itself. Yes, Betway allows you to use the same funds you have deposited in your account so that you may play the mobile & desktop version, and not only in the eSports section but across the casino and other portals as well.

A trail-blazer, Betway’s familiarity with eSports and new high-end technical solutions are quite noteworthy and merit your attention and consideration. We are not quite sure how the bookmaker will fare later on, but by managing to stay on top of its respective field is a worthy achievement.


Regulation-wise, Betway Esports is ironclad. The website follows regulatory standards from a multitude of institutions. A supporter of the Gambling Commission, the bookmaker seeks to expand awareness about the negative sides of this types of gaming. More specifically, the operator is known to assist users who feel the need to stop but cannot bring themselves to do so. How?

· The operator will suspend your account, allowing to claim winnings and peruse options, but not add anything to it
· You may reach out a hotline that is dedicated to helping people who have issues with managing their bankrolls well and think they are tipping over the healthy limit

In light of this, Betway supports and collaborates with Gambleaware, a UK-based organization that helps uproot these practices. A quick glance across the footer of the portal will let you know that it has been endorsed by some of the best-established names in the regulatory sector, including ESSA, IBAS, and eCORGA, and that the bookmaker is fully-licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

With this in mind, it may be worth mentioning that Betway Esports has yet to endorse the Esports Integrity Coalition, but any logical development in the future would lead to participation in the newly-fledged watchdog tasked with presiding over security in eSports gaming.

Matching your own eSports enthusiasm with a dedicated & committed name in the industry will also enable you to notch up stronger profits and ensure that payments are all processed quickly and without a hitch. On a similar note, the website offers you a range of excellent depositing and withdrawing options, which will enable you to pick the method that you deem to be the most reliable and secure.

A handful of mobile payment options are also part of the overall offer, albeit you will need to take care of what you exactly do with those, as they may allow you to deposit, but on most occasions, you will not be able to withdraw with some of the newer banking features.


A bastion of professional gaming, Betway Esports is definitely a recognizable name among fans, enthusiasts, aspiring pros, and people who love to call the outcome of an event and reap the rewards. With its traditional offer adapted to the needs of the modern digital nomad, Betway stands tall and largely successful in the choppy seas of gaming, decisively eclipsing its competitors.

Years of expertise have helped shape up one of the most noteworthy names in the whole industry and now new types of fans & enthusiasts are tapping into a chance to turn their knowledge of eSports into an adrenaline-rich visceral experience worth their while.