ZenSports Unveils New Product Suite for Sports-Related Businesses

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Since it launched last year, ZenSports has built quite a reputation, something that has seen it grow in popularity over a very short period of time. Thanks to its top-of-the-line peer-to-peer sports betting offerings, the operator is very focused on making its mark on nearly all aspects of sporting activities across the globe.

The Launch of Esports Betting

As it stands, the world is still grappling with various efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and this has resulted in the cancellation or postponement of all major sporting activities around the world. That said, sports bettors have not had anything to bet. Fortunately, the rise of alternative betting options from companies like ZenSports has been quite the gamechanger.

ZenSports’ has recently launched an esports betting category within its platform. At launch, the esports betting offering from ZenSports will include Counter-Strike: GO and League of Legends both of which are very popular among esports fans and bettors.

Clearly, its focus on traditional sports betting was certainly not going to cut it due to the ongoing slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Esports is, therefore, a safe haven of sorts since it does not necessarily require social gatherings. ZenSports will, however, not be stopping there. The company has even more expansion plans in mind as it continues to grow its young business.

The New Product Suite

While ZenSports has thrived this long by simply selling directly to consumers, the company is finally ready to try out even more ventures. To that effect, it has recently launched ZenSports for Businesses, a new product suite that is its very first enterprise offering.

ZenSports for Businesses will be primarily focusing on giving sports-related businesses the tools and resources required for them to harness the company’s very robust peer-to-peer sports betting and digital currency solutions.

The biggest highlight of the new product suite is perhaps its focus on allowing its customers to create and accept sports bets from anywhere in the world without having to rely on centralized bookmakers. This essentially means that the users will be able to easily and quickly create their own bets, define their own odds, and even choose their own terms. Alternatively, they could accept bets based on the metrics that have been set by other users of the suite. The most exciting thing about this is that it will all be possible with significantly lower costs.

The ZenSports digital currency or utility token, SPORTS is also another big deal. Customers will use it to place bets, and its users will also be able to enjoy discounted fees, cashback, and special bonuses among other exciting rewards.