Infamous GTA Online Casino Set to Finally Going Live

After more than five years, the infamous GTA Online casino which has existed since the beginning of the game is finally set to open its doors to eager players. The building has always been in the game but has remained closed while other buildings have over the years been opened to eager players. As such, the news that the casino lovers who play GTA may finally be able to enjoy what the building has to offer is very exciting, to say the least.

As it is in most cases, the news of the possible launch of the casino came from a data miner who stumbled upon related information deep in the files of the games. TezFunz2, the data miner who is well known in the GTA Online community, uncovered some data that suggested a gradual opening of the casino – players will eventually gain full access to the building once all the renovations are complete.

According to the data miner, Rockstar, the game’s developer, updated “the background script to set specific dates that will apply changes to the casino,” and this has since been confirmed by the most recent update of the game. Now, the Vinewood Casino has an “Opening Soon” sign and has some construction equipment sitting around.

From the available information, it can be discerned that there will be timed alterations to the casino exterior which will then be followed by the official launch of the gaming venue and players finally being allowed in.

Any Relation to Other Rockstar Offerings?

Well, recently, Rockstar also added online poker to Red Dead Online thus allowing players to visit a decent number of poker tables at towns and outpost across the game’s map. Players can now challenge others to a private, invite-only game of Hold’em or try their hands at public tables with higher buy-ins and rewards.

A number of players have had speculations about the timing of the GTA Online casino’s launch relative to the addition of poker as well as other gambling games in Red Dead Online. However, before the introduction of GTA Online’s gambling options, Rockstar Games will have to address some very significant difference between how both games handle the money that is used to bet.

In Red Dead Online, Rockstar utilized microtransactions for the purpose of purchasing gold bars which are then used to buy in-game items. However, these gold bars are completely separate from cash currency used for gambling and this means that players cannot use real money to buy more funds for in-game gambling. GTA Online does not have a second currency similar to Red Dead Online’s and it is still unclear whether Rockstar plans to implement one.

One of the ideas that have been floated around includes the creation of a casino-specific currency which is only obtainable from in-game missions just as it is with Red Dead Online. Another possibility is that the cash purchased with real money and deposited into the Maze Bank will simply be kept off limits when it comes to the GTA Online casino.