Big Plans for This Year's Responsible Gambling Week

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Between November 7 and November 13, 2019, the gambling industry will come together in order to stage the biggest ever campaign to promote responsible and safer gambling in Ireland and the United Kingdom. This year, the main goal of the campaign is to highlight tools and advice or help that should be available to gambling customers. In addition to that, there will be some focus on the initiatives that are meant to be pursued by gambling operators as they strive to promote social responsibility.

Over 120,000 staff members from thousands of gambling venues and online gambling companies will be part of the week-long campaign. Also set to participate in the campaign this year are several popular machine operators who are opening their networks to promote responsible gambling messages. They will be joined by a number of pubs across the country.

What’s in Store?

As always, during the Responsible Gambling Week, staff members from all across the gambling industry will be empowered in order to allow them to initiate conversations with their customers with regards to safer gambling. There will also prominent display of safer gambling messages at the facilities which will include bingo clubs, bookmakers, casinos, and arcades among others.

A decent number of gaming operators will have dedicated areas where gambling experts will be able to speak to the customers. Other operators have opted for different approaches such as organizing special events like sponsored fundraising initiatives by staff as well as “take break sessions.” During the period of the campaign, the gambling operators will be documenting their staff’s participation and involvement. To get the best out of it, they have committed to investing in staff training in a bid to ensure that the staff members are prepared to handle the customers as expected.

People who gamble online have not been left behind. Online gambling sites will be promoting responsible gambling messages to their customers using banner ads and pop-ups. Similarly, all online gaming operators will post responsible gambling content and related info on their social media sites in order to extend the impact of the campaign.

The IGRG and IBA to Take the Lead

The forthcoming Responsible Gambling Week will be spearheaded by the Industry Group For Responsible Gambling (IGRG) in the UK – this organization comprises of all the gambling trade associations. In Ireland, the campaign will be led by the Ireland Bookmakers Association.

Both organization main objective is to spark national conversations about various aspects of responsible gambling and the initiative that the operators have taken to promote social responsibility.