• Payout Speed: 24 Hours
  • Payout Rate: 94.2%
  • Security: Well Secured
  • Bitcoin Deposit: Bitcoin Accepted
  • Games: Slots Blackjack Roulette Live Dealer Video Poker Baccarat
  • Devices: Android iOS Windows


In true Canadian fashion, Tiger Gaming poker is one of the most exciting and considerate venues. Conducting our review, we have been able to spot a great number of features we have considered worth elaborating on. Mac-friendly and bonus-rich, Tiger Gaming is a place to start learning the ropes of poker as well as find some high-tier competitions and events. The easy navigation makes exploring the operator’s website a pleasant and intuitive activity. Here is what we found.


The design Tiger Gaming has chosen for itself is quite revealing. Most competitors try to segregate their portals and lay down marked boundaries, but the Canadian powerhouse is quite opposed to creating a distinction between its offers. A fact that could be quite handy when people are trying to understand the single wallet, for example.

The first element that rivets your attention is the bad beat jackpot that, at the time of reviewing, was running as high as $260,000 and was updated in real time. Then comes the motley bunch of offers that range from tantalizing bonuses to useful tools, such as the Poker Odds Calculator. If there is one thing that Tiger Gaming wants out of you, it is that you to know and understand the game before venturing out on a limb.

With a fair number of weekly promotions and big-money tournaments, you will be absolutely thrilled to tap into other useful sections, such as New Player, designed to help novices get a foothold in the game. You may swing by Rules for a further breakdown of every game specifics, and if a term seems over your head, then the Glossary will answer your query.

The whole place seems to have been crafted so that experienced players may start right off the bat whereas their less experienced counterparts can explore some of the rudiments before plunging into the gaming action themselves.

· A Software of Three – Online, Windows, and Mac

Even established operators sometimes struggle to deliver issue-free poker software for all users. Mac has been a particularly contentious point for even some of the best-known names in the industry. However, the Canadian heavyweight Tiger Gaming has decided to go the extra mile and offer Mac fans an impeccable gaming experience via the downloadable software.

Availability-wise, the operator is quite reliable. Not only for the 24-hour payout rule they uphold, but also because they have created a credible gambling ecosystem that works without a hitch. Naturally, both Windows and Mac users can opt for the online version, without giving it another thought.

· Mobile – Just as Handy

The mobile section is a complete no-hassle affair. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and it packs the full functionality of the website in your pocket. In addition, you can just scan a QR code and join the poker action. Alternatively, you can just use your mobile device to play straight in the browser, as Tiger Gaming is completely mobile friendly.


Tiger Gaming is a legitimate operator that has been around since 1999 and it has managed to establish as one of the mainstays of Canadian poker. The operator is licensed in Curacao, which is one of the recognized jurisdictions that can, in fact, issue such licenses. Another thing we have been to the spot in the fine print is the Responsible Gaming Trust, which guarantees the operator remains committed to helping individuals who have developed an unhealthy dependence on the game.

For those of you who like to swing by the privacy policy, you will be happy to know that the operator has kept everything in a few bite-sized bullets, which make for a quick read.

· The Bonus Section

Tiger Gaming on occasion offers a no-deposit bonus, which enables you to start with a bit of extra capital from the moment you open and confirm your account. While you cannot claim the bonus sum as your own, any winnings you acquire thereof are entirely yours and cashable.
While digging for information for our review, we could not find a no-deposit offer with the Canadian operator, but there have between two fetching selections that are well worth your attention on this occasion:

· 100% Poker Welcome Bonus.

It is a particularly useful offer, which enables you to fetch some extra money in exchange for an initial minimum deposit of $50, which the operator doubles. Henceforth, for every 1,500 Comp Points (a sort of inside loyalty currency) you earn, you will add $5 to your bonus until you cash out your winnings. You may deposit up to $2,500 as your maximum sum.

Some may perceive it as a downside, but you will have to punch in the bonus code, NEWTG, as part of an email that you will have to send to the customer care agents so that your bonus may be activated.

· Why the Bonus Code?

It is a just question. For the most part, the bonus codes were necessary for the past as they allowed casinos to track their customers and see what they preferred. Tiger Gaming has opted to stick with those codes to perhaps track better its customer base and come up with tailored offers. In all likelihood, one of Canada’s best operators seems to prefer and rely on all in-house agents than outsourcing this to automated software.

Admittedly, it establishes an early channel of communication between you and the website, which can be quite useful later on.


The operator is popular for running tournaments with a shared prize pool of which you can claim a fair share if you have managed to successfully outplay the majority of players. The sums that are allocated to the weekend events vary from $10,000 and $50,000, with the amount total often soaring to $130,000 in a single weekend.

Tiger Gaming does a fair job of breaking down the events by date, time and prize pool so that you may single out those you are interested in. In addition, it is worth noting that the games are almost exclusively played in Texas Hold’em, although other variances are just as easy to come across.

The Bounty Hunt, which asks you to defeat other players and claim ‘their bounty’ is a great way to incrementally add to your winnings while striving to claim the entire pot. And just so that you know who is who, you can examine the leaderboards available at Canada’s top poker house. Tiger Gaming differentiates between three types of contest:

· Multi-Table Leaderboard;
· Sit ‘N Go Weekly Leaderboard’
· $10,000 Weekly Cash Leaderboard

All of these come with a substantial prize pool that varies between $5,000 and $10,000, which only adds to the wealth of options and actual money that a dedicated and well-trained gambler can score over a few days at the venue.

Should I Trust the Software or Browser?

Setting out to beat some long odds, you will want the software to work without a hitch, and that is understandable. We have toyed with the Windows and online version and have not experienced even so much as a suggestion of a delay or imminent crash. Further perusal of gaming communities did not mention the software in a negative light.

We can conscientiously stamp it as a reliable and top-notch product, as we experienced it and as our research concludes. On a more technical note, the current software is part of the Chico Poker Network, which should signal US gamers that their wagers are not welcome for the time being.

Tiger Gaming and the Games Available

The Canadian poker host throws most of its tournaments for quintessential Texas Hold’em iteration of the game. The high margin of skill involved in tackling the game may not always make for the most exciting contest, but it is certainly one of the most engaging from a player’s standpoint.

In addition, you can pick from a fair option of classic and newer version of poker, including 7-Card Stud Poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Chinese Poker, arguably a homage to the original game.


Our review about Tiger Gaming focused exclusively on the first impressions we have garnered during our stay with Canada’s best poker house. Failing to spot any significant flaws in the underpinning software and the lack of negative press, we are inclined to say that Tiger Gaming adheres to the best practices in the industry.

With a strong emphasis on teaching new players and bringing them into the fold of experienced gamers, this is definitely one of the best venues that you may want to experience when sifting through the operators available in Canada. With a fair chance to up your winnings and learn a few practical tips, Tiger Gaming is your residential poker expert.