Esports Betting Guide

Esports has been on the rise for quite some time now as more people gain an interest in the amazing world of E-gaming. In fact, it can be considered to be the fastest growing spectator sport at the moment. This is evident from a large number of the best sportsbooks that are also offering esports betting on their sites.

Competitive electronic gaming has been around for decades but in the past couple of years, the statistics have shot up significantly and with it opening up new opportunities and uncharted ventures within the vast resources of the technological world.

Games included in popular real money Esports betting sites include renowned titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike, all of which have a following that may even surpass those of traditional sports.

If you are looking to place Esports bets on any electronic gaming event or tournament, then you have come to the right place.


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Real Money Esports Betting Sites

Real money online gambling and, more specifically, online sports betting has been around for over two decades. In that period, a number of operators have been established to provide various types of online casino games including roulette, slots, and poker as well as basically every sporting activity known to man.


However, Esports, the new kid on the block, is making waves in the online gambling industry and now every major online gambling operator is trying to get into it.

While it might seem that it is just a trend that will eventually burn out, Esports has proven itself to be the newest niche in the online gambling industry by earning itself a solid spot among traditional sports with large numbers of spectators. As a result, Esports betting is just as lively, as exciting and as rewarding as traditional sports betting.

From a subjective point of view, it does not differ from traditional sports betting by a huge margin. Furthermore, most traditional online sportsbooks are now expanding their offerings in order to give punters the opportunity to place Esports bets.

There are also a variety of dedicated and exclusive real money Esports betting sites available for players to choose from – many of them offer huge bonuses as well as outstanding VIP perks and loyalty rewards.

The beauty of Esports betting is that it allows players and spectators of the virtual games to enjoy the competitive atmosphere associated with other real-world sporting events. There is, of course, no assurance that you will always win the bets, but you will definitely have fun while you are at it.

As a matter of fact, real money Esports betting has redefined gambling in a number of different ways thanks to the unique structure of the entire ecosystem.

Once considered to be just a leisure activity, Esports is now also considered to be a worthy revenue stream not just for professional Esports players and teams, but also for professional gamblers.

How to Find the Best Esports Sites

As Esports just recently blew up, finding the best Esports betting sites isn’t the easiest of tasks. As always, the internet is always filled with scams and betting sites that are not worthy of any punter’s time. If you are going to bet with real money, then it should be on the best sites that are available which guarantee safety.

Finding one of these can be daunting, but we have you covered – we have outlined some of the most important factors that should influence your choice of a Esports betting site.

Software and security are among the most important factors since they always go hand in hand with the site’s reputation. Case in point, the best Esports betting sites are very serious about protecting customer information and thus they have great reputations.

They should not only work flawlessly but also feature advanced encryption technology to ensure that customer data, and even money is safe from unauthorized access.

A great one should also be licensed and certified by recognized regulatory bodies. All the ones that we have listed check all the right boxes as far as software and security are concerned.


Next, it is important to consider the Esports titles that the betting site offers. Fully featured Esports betting sites usually have a wide range of odds from different Esport titles listed on their websites.

However, this may vary from one location to another or based on the popularity of certain games. Your favorite Esports games, events, and tournaments should thus be key influencers of the best Esports betting sites that suits your needs.
Among our list of recommended betting sites, you will find a variety of fully-stacked websites as well as exclusive offerings.

Similarly, other than just the game title available, you should also look into the type of bets that the site allows. For instance, if you prefer match betting over in-play live betting then you should ensure that the site you settle offers this kind of betting.

All our sites further feature amazingly fast deposit and payout speeds, huge welcome bonuses for new players as well as lucrative loyalty rewards. We picked only the best of the best sites to ensure your experience is not compromised by any avoidable flaws that exist in hundreds of sports betting sites on the web.

How to Deposit and Make Withdrawals at Esports Sites

All our Esports betting sites offer players with plenty of fast, safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options. On top of popular debit and credit card options such as Visa and MasterCard, there are also a variety of new digital payment options available. These include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and even cryptocurrency-powered options. To top it all off, the payment options included are backed by state-of-the-art security software that makes it very easy to transact between your Esports betting and banking accounts.