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UK Gamblers to Be Prevented from Betting Using Credit Cards


The government of the United Kingdom is considering banning the use of credit cards by gamblers to place bets, a move that if implemented will affect bets worth billions every year. This statement was issued as part of a warning to the Culture Secretary which called for the betting companies and banks to take appropriate action […]


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Gambling Ban Planned for Albania in 2019


Gambling in Albania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, has been cited as one of the key factors encouraging domestic violence and fueling poverty while lining the pockets of petty and corporate criminals in the country. The situation has gotten so bad that the country is now considering some rather extensive measures which include […]


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Video Games Loot Boxes Linked to Gambling Addiction

A loot box from a popular video game.

Gaming has been quite fun. On top of playing some of the top-notch games out there, developers have offered players to truly stand out from the crowd. Buy skins, get loot boxes and re-design your avatars so that you leave your own unique footprint on this exciting new world. But have loot boxes become just […]


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UK’s Problem Gambler Numbers Remain Unchanged

The logo of the UK's Gambling Commission

Problem gambling has been the bane of the industry. Or in the very least, it’s been its less glamorous side, come what may. One particular bastion of gaming has been the United Kingdom. Not quite randomly, the UK has also been a place where the issue of problem gambling has been taken the most seriously. […]