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  • Payout Rate: 94%
  • Security: Strong
  • Bitcoin Deposit: Yes
  • Games: Live Dealer
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Electronic sports have raked in solid revenue streams in recent years, with deals and investment multiplying at a heady pace. Naturally, bookmakers are now moving in on the bonanza and inviting eSports enthusiasts to wager money on the outcome of video games. In the following Egamingbets review, we take a view at an operator who has committed to this new segment in full and has introduced a reliable offer that runs well with all staple titles in the industry.


If you have been around bookmakers long enough, you will know that some websites tend to be clunky and garishly adorned with elements that could simply have been left out. EGB stands out in the crowd by introducing users to a plain and yet stylish interface. Easy to navigate and spot the important highlights, the bookmaker is definitely a pleasant refreshment from what eSports gamers are accustomed to.

While the focus of the website is to add more users to its pool, its offer begins with a series of streams in some of the most popular eSports titles out there, including the first person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and the sword-and-sorcery sagas League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2.

In our Egamingbets review, we noticed that the bookie successfully mingles elements of eSports media and operators, and it presciently supplements it with insightful and valuable information. The gaming section of the website invites newcomers to ‘Start Playing Now,’ while offering several viable options, including ‘simple bets,’ ‘express options,’ ‘live,’ and ‘tournament.’

An important question, however, remains: ‘Is EGB legit?’ The answer is a firm yes. Operating under a Curaçao license, the bookmaker is a benchmark in the industry. You may also wonder whether or not EGB is safe, and you’d be glad to know that the answer to that is also a resounding yes. The platform allows you to use a mix of remarkably secure payment options, including Alipay, QIWI, PaySafecard, and Bitcoin. Anonymity and data safety is uppermost in the mind of the bookmaker’s owners.

More specifically, the operator has covered well how it runs its platform in the terms & conditions. Privacy policy and betting rules are also firmly put in place to assist gamers in understanding the industry.

Sometimes highly entertaining, the chat draws from the need of eSports fans to remain connected and exchange information in real time. It also adds transparency to the platform that is a highly-valued asset in any form of recreational or professional gambling. The chat also reveals how many people are currently online, which is another boon to the overall openness and integrity of the website.

The shop feature is another worth-it and considerate bright stroke. The bookmaker allows newcomers to benefit from the points they accumulate on the website and spend them on noteworthy gaming gear from established brands. Moreover, it also signals the operator’s readiness to strike future deals with established brands and see working collaborations with market leaders.


Quite frankly, eSports websites tend to shun promotions. When it comes to wagering on the outcome of events, bookmakers lose. But seven years in business have taught Egamingbets not only how to stay at the forefront of the eSports odds, but also incentivize its users without detracting from the user experience. Instead of coming up with overcomplicated deals, the bookmaker likes to keep things simple.

A promotion to celebrate the platform’s birthday is an auspicious moment to run a promo. EGB still uses promo codes to create exclusivity around its offers, too. Meanwhile, a quick perusal of the promo code info available on the web page reveals that the bookie will put the word out through a social media channel, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, other than the official webpage, naturally.

The bonus amounts vary but they range between $100 and $200, which is a reasonable sum for a number of reasons. One of which is that the extra monetary jabs you receive is not so large that it’ll tempt you to make an unwise commitment of money. Instead, it’s more of a useful extra amount of capital. The money you can get through a quick deal is quite worth it.

We do recommend that you examine the so-called wagering requirements, which will largely dictate the terms on which you will be allowed to tap into the extra financial heft. Make sure to see any specifics that concern the nature of the way your bonus money should be wagered. For the most part, bookmakers tend to introduce mild wagering conditions, but nevertheless, it is the user’s responsibility to read the provisos outlined by the current promo and abide by them.

Speaking from experience and as part of the Egamingbets review, we consider the bookmaker’s incentives to be fair and considerate. They are well-aligned with the average purchasing power of the part of the gamers community who like to add an additional layer of fun when it comes to spectating sports.

Intensifying the number of promos available on the website is something that mainstream bookmakers employ, but EGB is quite happy to overlook for the sake of building a more cohesive gaming community, united around every individual member’s love for chance taking.


Tentatively, competitors have been focusing on all sorts of offers, but they seldom considered expanding more noticeably into the more exciting types of bets. Glancing through the website for the first time, you will have noticed the options that are available there:
• Simple bets
• Express
• Live
• Tournaments

Simple Bets

Understandably, the bookmaker has a generous number of options. Every major eSports event seems to be covered, with the majority of ESL, ECS, Invitationals, and SM leagues & competitions well covered. The simplest wagering options also come with an expandable window, that offers other staple bets that often pique the fancy of gaming enthusiasts, including:

• Round winners
• Map winners
• Total time it took to finish the match
• Total number of rounds on a given map

Odds are visible and an added plus is the fact that you are provided with a link that allows you to follow the eSports action up close and uninterruptedly. What stands out is that all odds can be filtered by eSports title and events, with an advanced option allowing for ‘Future Match First,’ and ‘Only With Advantages.’


‘Expresses’ are Egamingbets’ own accumulators. In the lingo of gaming, accumulators are types of wagers that require users to place stakes on several matches at the same time. Users pick several events at the same time, and ‘winnings are calculated by multiplying the index of the bet by the index of another one.’

Understandably, the profit margin is quite substantial, but it also comes with slimmer chances to get all matches right. In addition, there are a few caveats that need to be observed. You may bet on up to 10 matches (with a minimum of 2), and the maximum index you accumulate may not exceed 200.


The live option is another staple feature of gaming in general. Naturally, live offers tend to be fewer, but they are nevertheless worth it and highly-amusing. EGB’s offer covers light events and as soon as you click on a match, an informative pop-out window fades into the screen, giving you key metrics and notably at what point the event itself starts.


Tournaments are the sort of wagering options that pertain to the outcome of the whole event. Just as with a regular match, you root for a team whom you expect to win. The bookmaker has done an exceptional job of introducing a great number of events.


It is true that when bookmakers first make tentative steps into the electronic sports segment, they tend to be careful. The amount of titles is not as vast as it could be and more importantly, as fans themselves would prefer it to be. In light of this, Egamingbets has tailored its offer to dovetail with the needs of gamers. The website offers some of the most popular staple competitive battlegrounds along with grassroots titles and aspiring eSports games.

A quick look at the extra option reveals that EGB will gladly allow you to root for your favorite Warcraft 3 player. More titles that are worth mentioning, include:

• Smite
• Rocket League
• Heroes of the Storms
• Quake

In the case of PUBG, it is not unlikely to see other battle royale games soon added to the offer of the bookmaker, with Fortnite, Vainglory, and H1Z1 gaining momentum across the world as the future best competitive titles.

Prior to heading out of the website, another visit to the shop would be well worth your time.

Promo bonuses may not be omnipresent, but the bookmaker has made brilliant use of its redeemable points. In exchange for a given amount of your EGB points, you may fetch a quick buck to use in your efforts to score an even greater profit. And just like in a regular shop, you can expect to find discounts which come quite handy when you are reinvesting your points.

To bring the community closer together, your operator offers you to call a friend on board through the refined ‘bring a friend’ options, because gaming is always fun when you have a mate to enjoy it with.

On the regulatory front, Egamingbets is committed in full. It raises awareness about addictive behavior and advises parents how to handle the issue through a mix of online help centers. In this regard, the bookmaker is ahead of the curve. The main concern that this sort of eSports industry has risen is that it would teach adolescent certain unhealthy habits. However, the bookmaker is fully committed to spotting addictive behavior and uprooting it.

With this particular note, the website draws admiration and acceptance even among sceptics. A role model, the credence of the bookie is bolstered by solid community ties among its users and complete openness. There is room for improvement, but the current results are already laudable.


Depositing and withdrawing your funds is always a subject of concern among gamers of all stripes. With this in mind, it is worth noting that the bookmaker offers the complete range of e-wallets, credit cards, and offline vouchers to guarantee the versatility of its offer and entertain you to a thicket of options.

Egamingbets is a consummate and professionally made website. The portal goes beyond the standard definition of a bookie and the ‘community’ comes easily to it. With the overall advertised transparency, and the ongoing and lively debate over odds in the side panel, here is a bookmaker that puts great customer satisfaction at the forefront of its business model and promises to reinvent the industry.