Pinnacle Entertainment Launches in Mississippi

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Mississippi has become a state of particular pull for the iGaming business. Every company that operates in the business seems painfully interested in opening up new possibilities for the future expansion of operations. Today, we take a look at Pinnacle Entertainment who are among the most noteworthy iGaming companies on the market.

Pinnacle Comes to Mississippi

Mississippi has definitely been among the busiest states when it comes to gambling. Take for example last week’s SBTech’s opening across the state. The tech firm launched their kiosks and solutions, effectively becoming one of the gaming leaders in the state.

But local lawmakers hardly seems satisfied with just the one company paying homage to its untapped iGaming potential and the proclivity for such products among the state’s residents. Pinnacle Entertainment is now homing in on the state.

Meanwhile, the company is making sure that it will repeat its success in Nevada not only in Mississippi, but also all across the United States, too. Pinnacle opened its dedicated sports wagering shop at Ameristar Casino Hotel in Vicksburg, Misssissippi this last Friday.

The event coincided with the opening season for college American football, which marks a great point for gaming and betting enthusiasts and an excellent opportunity for Pinnacle to leverage its expertise in providing stellar gaming odds and wonderful opportunities for bettors.

Welcome to the End Zone

The name of the facility also bears a rather whimsical name, to wit The End Zone. The first wager was placed by Deuce McAllister who used to play as a running back for the University of Mississippi.

This is the second property that Pinnacle has channelled for the purposes of sports betting. Meanwhile, it continues to operate the Cactus Petes property in Jackpot, Nevada. Back to The End Zone, the venue will offer a cosy environment for fans to kickback, watching the events at large-screen TVs and sipping on their draft beers.

At the same time, Pinnacle plans to push its expansion even further by teaming up with Penn National Gaming. The move would allow the company to open up activities in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, and Missouri, as Penn already owns property there. Penn also has assets in Nevada and Misssissippi where Pinnacle is already operational. The implications, it seems, are huge.

No Country for the Companies that Go It Alone

Even though the industry is young, partnerships and consolidation may give businesses seeking to expand a fighting chance to outpace the competition. While regulations have become milder, it’s still rather difficult to create opportunities for all companies that are looking to put their mark on the burgeoning sports betting market in the United States.

Bringing big industry names together is key to the success of any new endeavor that wants to succeed in the contentious industry that is shaping up in the U.S. More specifically, all operators will try to target offshore businesses just by bringing a better alternative closer to gamer’s homes.

With Pinnacle Entertainment’s second running shop in the country, the company’s made it clear that its intentions about the United States are indeed quite important.