Louisiana Pushes for Strong Overhaul of Gambling Laws

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The host of changes coming to the US sports betting climate are quite notable and rather difficult to avoid. Speaking the truth, it’s hard to keep track of all important changes across the states, but the Louisiana’s planned overhaul of its gambling rules practically looms.

Louisiana has been pretty active with local lawmakers and Governor John Bel Edwards voting in favor of seven gambling laws so far in 2018. Some of the voted changes may also be perceived as watershed moments in the history of gambling in the state.

For example, a piece of law has been passed that presages the possible expansion of gambling for mobile devices. More whimsical proposals have been endorsed too, including a new ballot initiative and a bid to ground the floating riverboat casinos, moving them ashore and expanding their operations instead.

Conversely, Louisiana has said a big no to none other than sports betting. It’s certainly a surprising move to see one of the most vociferously endorsed gambling activities get the cold shoulder from a state that is so abundantly pro-gambling. There has even been a bill that tried to push for legal sports betting in Louisiana, to no avail.

Fantasy Sports on the Go

If you fancy fantasy sports, you will be happy to know that a new piece of legislation may allow users to wager on the outcome of fantasy sports games online and via smartphones. We have had our own take on this.

It’s quite the promising prospect and one that will be voted for on the upcoming referendum in November. However, a minor hurdle exists. Even if the referendum turns out to be a raging success for fantasy sports betting, parishes themselves will have to pass laws endorsing the activity.

Riverboat Casinos

Always presumed guilty and always on the lam, riverboat casinos may be able to safely drop anchors and avoid further prosecution. Under the proposed changes, all these floating bastions will have the option to either move ashore or expand their activities.

Currently, riverboat casinos offer 21,223 spots, but this number will be pushed up to 35,475 seats under the new proposal.

The Race Track Gets its Slot Machines

The new set of laws are an amalgamation of gambling and sports betting tenets. The racetrack will receive a total of 1,632 machines where race-goers may do the occasional spin while waiting for the race to begin. One notable change is that prize money may now be pooled across race tracks. Previously, money couldn’t be moved around as readily.

Video Poker Overhauled Completely

Video Poker will also see some significant changes to its legal definition and very much its interface. The law will also strip off some of the pernicious limitations video poker machines have been facing so far. Truckstop video poker outlets will also see a let-up after a voted fuel sales restriction.

Now, trucks will have to sell only 30,000 gallons of gasoline per month whereas previously they had to sell 75,000 to maintain their number of machines.

Louisiana is definitely in the midst of rapid changes that will see the industry transformed profoundly. Everyone plumping for (online) gambling should welcome these changes.