Gamblers Starting to Bet on Cases

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From New York to California, there are different lawmakers from at least 20 states that are hoping to legalize sports gambling before summer. They are crafting the necessary legislation in order to make things happen within each of their territories.

And the thing with gamblers is that they are always trying to find a way in order to put their money where their mouth is. And for the scenario wherein Supreme Court is looking to have a decision whether or not to legalize sports gambling, there is a sports gambling website that has released odds whether or not the US Supreme Court is going to decide in favor or against sports betting.

What Are the Odds?

BetDSI.EU which is a sports gambling website has released odds that tackle decisions of the US supreme court. As of now, here are some of the odds.

The current odds are roughly at 1 to 1.3. For those who don’t gamble, this means that if you bet $130, you will win roughly around $100 if the judges reverse the lower court in Christie vs. NCAA which will open doors for states that want to open their doors to sports betting.

It doesn’t end there. There are also odds on other cases. The odds are 1 to 4 that the Supreme Court will reverse the lower court decision that made it possible to do warrantless search and seizure of mobile phone records.

It also has 1 to 6 odds that the lower court ruling in Collins vs. Virginia which allowed warrantless search of a parked car will be overturned.

Sports Gambling Law

It is a good idea to take a closer look at the gambling sports gambling law. The law in itself is quite unusual because it doesn’t necessarily ban sports gambling nationwide. However, states can’t permit sports gambling. And also, there are some states that have been given an exemption including Nevada.

By late June, judges are expected to make their decision. According to Representative Alan Morrison, he mentioned that “looking at the landscape, as far as this case, it seems like a good time to really move forward with this”. He also added that there is no attempt to buck the existing federal law. However, he mentioned that “We just think we should be able to offer additional options at our facilities if it should become legal”.

If you will look at his bill, he mentioned that prohibitions on sports wager are no longer applicable to states that have things like state-sanctioned off-track betting and “racinos” to name a few.

Oprah As President?

And it doesn’t really just end in betting on court cases. In fact, even gamblers are looking to speculate whether or not Oprah Winfrey is going to run for office. And so far, a $400 bet will give you a $100 winning if in case she runs as president of the United States.

Are you willing to be in these cases? Do you think that Oprah will actually run as the next US president in the coming years? Though these bets seemed odd, this can be something that could actually become a trend in the coming years.